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    The UFOP offers students two possibilities of home that are propriety of institution: 64 rooms located in campus Morro do Cruzeiro.

    During the  freshmen, enrollment, student’s who lives in the private and federal homes announce  existing vacancies. Every fraternities and sororities has a cost for the maintenance of the house.


    We have chosen the article “Students Home” because in the city of Ouro Preto the majority of populations are young students, and many of them come to this city to live in fraternities and sororities. That’s why it’s so important to know how they organize their homes. There are many types, for example: Federals homes, Private homes and apartments in Bauxita. The city that we live, can be consider as an university city. That’s why everything turns around on the students. That is why we have chosen this article.

Fonte: http://www.ufop.br/


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