~ Young talents for Science speaks about the experience of the first year of activities


    The program young talent for science was released in 2012 as a project to encourage teaching and extension under the guidance of a teacher, by developing activities of research.It was created to undergraduate students to establish contact with the scientific research activities at UFOP.

    Possible opportunities are related to insertion, in the program Ciência sem fronteiras  (CSF). To the law teacher Bruno Camilloto, the program allows the student to expand his vision of the University, interacting with researching and extension since the students’ first period.

    “I believe that the program has been and will be fundamental to the acquisition of new knowledge and the access to scientific research performed at UFOP”, states Frank Silva Bezerra, teacher of medicine.

    Iara Antunes, also a Professor of  law at the UFOP, believes that the student has the chance to experience many aspects of academic life: learning in the classroom, searching along with the guiding teacher and also having the opportunity to help lead the knowledge out of the University through Congress. “The student of the first period, with the young talent program, will have the unique opportunity to enter in the University having contact with their axes of teaching, research, and extension”, she states.


    The Young talent program is  very important for the city,  we think. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, and this participation is very important. This program serves as a complementary content to students, as well as a scholarship for those who participate as bonus, which is very useful for some people since most of the students have low income. We believe that knowledge has no limits, so, any new way to enlarge the knowledge is very valid. Young people today are the people who will make the tomorrow’s future, so institutions and the government should invest in them in every way.

Fonte: http://www.ufop.br/


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