Recycling Exhibit Opens At Perot Museum

A new exhibit has opened for the summer at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, It is called Recycle Reef, and the highlight of the display is a large reef, made entirely of donated recyclables.

The exhibit also shows visitors how to reuse recyclable materials, turning them into something new and extraordinary, and vsitors can even help expand the exhibit this summer, bringing in their own recycled goods to add to the reef, watching it expand and grow as the summer drags on into August.


Uma nova exposição, foi aberta no verão no “Perot Museum of Nature & Science” em Dallas, esta exposição é chamada de Recycle Reef, e o que mais chama atenção é uma exposição que se assemelha a um grande coral, feito de matérias recicláveis, o que mostra as pessoas a criatividade e o que pode se fazer utilizando materiais recicláveis.

A exposição também ensina aos visitantes como reusar materiais recicláveis de maneira a torna-los algo novo.


Link do artigo:



It’s very important the creation of this museum to show all people what we can do using recyclables; we can create a lot of things without destroying the environment.

It’s a creative idea and we can turn it into a cool action  to do to  improve the planet, because at the same time that we are helping the world, we are having fun with this, cooperating and doing new friendships.


Grupo: Catarina Rodrigues, Fernanda Sales, Flávia Mapa, Maria Heloisa Fortes, Nayara Grobério.



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